~Let Your Mind Be Free~ Taking a Look into DIVINITY…Relationships~

~~~Rise in Love~~~

***Surrender to the Magick of your Inner Child, your God Self!!!

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

6 thoughts on “~Let Your Mind Be Free~ Taking a Look into DIVINITY…Relationships~”

  1. Billy love it, you are always in my mind
    Funny just watching your video of Jonas and my wife Mall asked have you heard anything from Billy Don, and I showed her your video, she said isn’t that strange.
    Billy all our love Norm and Mall πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  2. Hi Billy

    Do you have an updated version of the majestic 12 document? The one I have has like 618 pages I would love an updated one if there is a newer one out. Thanks so much and I love and appreciate all your work! Super insightful!

    On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 7:16 PM BillDonIAm.com!!! wrote:

    > billydoniam posted: ” *Note: This is intended for my Lady Love. Please be > respectful. Thank you. > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JJLfP1NeYnaJtMAroS2wIO6-rSdKmPhd/view?usp=sharing > BABY LOVE I FEEL YOU WILL ENJOY THIS!!! [image: 😘][image: 😘][image: 😘] > ” >

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  3. You ritual with mother by intent spreading the MAGICK by ingesting mothers energy so she shows you all I am ready for with you then you neglected me refused to meet me and left all contact forever nothing more painful I can’t and don’t deserve that and you don’t care my life is over that was the final straw it’s all about bill maybe you will learn the lesson you need so you never do that again to any woman when I’m gone at peace it’s my time up here never again do I accept any other life I will forever Rest In Peace these Teachings and forced requirements heartless bill expectations to be accepted not love I have never been so broken doing everything to leave expire NOW FUCK The Internet


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