I AM about to tell you a story and it will sound so ðŸĶ‡ðŸ’ĐðŸĪŠ that I promise it will be DIFFICULT, to near IMPOSSIBLE to beLIEve on the DEPTH of the PROGRAM!!!

First, with little research one finds that prior to 1850, we made ALL structures out of Stone. Second, furthermore, the destruction of our Giant Trees that were left over from the previous Epoch was already underway. There is extensive research online for anyone who desires to KNOW these truths. But that isn’t what I want to share.
What I do want to share will challenge your senses and TRIGGER Agent Smith within IF… you’ve NOT “Slain the Dragon of EGO!!!”

Prepare “mind” for a HUGE leap in Consciousness!!! READY?
Bugs and building materials. Chemicals USED in the production of all the “processed” wood/building materials. And the electrical currents all running at 60 hz, which I AM sure is just “coincidence” that is the SAME FREQUENCY our human avatars (bodies) perform most biological functions at…hmmm… ESPECIALLY OUR BRAINS…interesting? Or something MUCH MORE?
All I will say about mind control in this piece is that there are two types of humans still on Earth Plane IN THIS MOMENT: (1) THOSE WHO HAVE BROKEN THE MIND CONTROL AND (2) THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW!!! (the depths of this truth WILL challenge YOUR sanity)
With that conveyed, let’s get to this fascinating information. Throughout my life I’ve been the “observer” as most things in Mass Society NEVER “vibed” within my Being. It always felt “off” but I just couldn’t put it into any context until this past two plus years.
Cockroaches, beetle varieties, and other types bugs similar. How do they REALLY get into our homes? This is my personal experience as Spirit continues to build within. I live in a rural area of Southern Oklahoma on a small 20 acre pecan farm. After purchasing this property in 2007, the original old farm house burned down after my family and I had only been in it for about 5 months. (long story so won’t add here). In the end I decided to get a double wide rather than rebuild mainly because it would be FASTER!!!
So, bugs & building materials, since I watched the Chickasaw Nation Contractors build an Indian Home for me and my family back in 2005 (chose to walk away for a position promotion). Just prior to moving in, I saw the largest fiddle back (brown recluse) I’d ever seen in this life. Running down the middle of my hallway in the center of the home. WHAT THE WHAT? And many times over the next few years, all my children were still young, Dad was called to a fiddle back removal request. The garage of the 4 bedroom brick home was really nice and finished. In the crevice (about 2 inches) of where the garage and home met (attached garage) there were THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of fiddle backs. Shine a light and, I’ll be honest, it was a bit unnerving. Add it the CONSTANT mice problems AND how the FORNICATION is my house so full of BUGS!!! SPIDERS, BEETLES, WATER BUGS, ROACHES, SHIT I DON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE!!! CLICK YOUR BACK ONE MORE TIME MFer!!! I WILL IDENTIFY YOU!!! ROFLMAO!!! But all of that WAS/IS TRUTH!!! So what did I do? POISONED THE LITTLE F’ers!!! LIKE WE ALL DO!!! AND THE POISONING OF ALL MANKIND BEGINS WHEN BABY IS ON THE FLOOR FOR THE FIRST TIME AND WHAT DO BABIES DO? HANDS IN MOUTH!!! 100% OF BABIES DO THAT!!!
Oh, that’s just one part. Within a couple of years I began having AC problems and the system was still virtually new. I called a friend who was a Mastor Electrician/HVAC dude, and he said he’d come check it out for me. When he arrived later that day, within a few minutes he found the problem. The transformer unit (electrical switch like a fuse) about 3 inches square like a block, was SO CAKED UP WITH FIREANTS IT SHORTED OUT!!! Guess what frequency that unit ran on? 60 HERTZ!!! Look at any device in your home: phones, computers, TV’s, ANY ELECTRONIC…AND SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES WHAT FREQUENCY OR FREQUENCY RANGE IT OPERATES AT!!!


I have been observing these bugs in my home like a lab for over a year now. Let me share some observations:
(1) I’ve gone into my bathroom in the middle of the night, turned on the light, and there were two dozen large roaches just hanging out in a geometric pattern in the floor of my garden tub. There’s NOTHING there to eat, so, what the HELL, right? I then began noticing them congregating in the corners of rooms like the bathroom over the toilet. (this will sound crazy) They were synching their frequencies, but why? And how the F*** DID I KNOW THAT?
(2) My Sun came over with his little dogs. One of them went in the middle of my hallway and took a crap. He didn’t notice and after he left I pulled a chair into the kitchen after about 15 minutes and observed. This is what I saw. There were THOUSANDS of tiny beetles/bugs CAKED on the feces. I watched for a few minutes and them stood up and flicked the light on in the hallway as I was using the light of the kitchen. And when I turned that light on THOUSANDS of tiny bugs HUALED ASS and DISAPPEARED INTO MY WALLS!!! There was an area of my carpet that looked alive for a couple of minutes. There’s NO WAY those bugs just migrated here in this home ALL ALONE!!! That isn’t NATURAL!!!
So I observe, and mind this gnosis of me, I already innerstood through inner work that any animated lifeforms in Creation are SOURCE/GOD/CREATOR!!! Or whatever you choose to call the Ocean of Infinite Intelligent Energy we all exist holographically within, and draw our SPARK OF CREATION FROM!!! THAT IS SOURCE OF ALL THINGS…THIS IS LAW OF ONE!!!
*Note: You can find all the evidence to back up what I share here about the Pure Source Energy that is YOU right here, with Love, as my SERVICE TO YOU: BillyDonIAm.com

***If you FEEL the truths of the following pic? All this will make much more sense to you…

Gnosis of this Earth Realm being a Holographic Game is within each and every one of YOU!!!
Final feeling on the bugs? They were HELPING me by clearing negative frequencies from the “plastics, other materials” within my homes’ building materials. And the “feces” trails left by roaches? Not feces at all but some type of “Sap Like” compound, seemingly transmuting the negative energy into “feces like trails”…and why would they do that? To alert us of the EXTENT of the PROGRAM!!!
Does that REALLY sound so crazy? ðŸĪ”ðŸĪ”ðŸĪ”
***Now do you innerstand WHY we quit building with STONE?

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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