6-19-2016, Father’s Day, The Prelude to a Spiritual Awakening
I had gotten whiskey drunk the night prior and was dehydrated and felt “weird” but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was puzzled. About that time a friend showed up with two huge dirt bikes in the back of his truck. I looked at my clock. It said 11:3……something, can’t recall that piece. I went outside and said pull them suckers down bro. I’d never seen anything like it before.
He pulled them down and took one for a spin. I watched him ride and the things that bike was doing made me APPREHENSIVE to even try it! I AM not a pro at bikes. Just a guy who used to enjoy riding before this (haha).
He brings it over to me from his ride. This bike was so tall I had to stand on my porch to get on it. Just before I took off, my friend, who is a professional at cycle riding etal, told me “Bill, be careful. These things are like nothing you’ve ever ridden.” To which I responded something about him knowing I AM just a chill rider. He agreed and off I went. I went in 1st gear for about 25 yards, putting in 1st gear, turned around 180 degrees, and began going back the way I’d came towards my house and straight East. As I straightened out I thought “might as well check out 2nd gear” so I rocked the throttle forward, quick shift, and gave her some throttle. I was no moving over 15 mph at this time and the bike reared up in a monster wheelie. So instead of easing off the throttle I just spun the throttle handle forward to idle speed. When I did this the bike DROPPED LIKE A ROCK in the front end. This jarring vibration bounced my ass up and back but I still had the handle-grips in my hands so that FORCED THE THROTTLE WIDE OPEN! I AM now in Superman Position with a wide open throttle! My direction of travel changed from East to South and I was heading right for the back of my John Deere 5103 Tractor that is park right next to one of the most beautiful 100 or so year old pecan trees on the property. And for over two years that was the last thing I remembered.
When I woke up after this incident I was laying on the ground (head West, feet East) about 10 yards to the Northwest of the tree. My shirt was gone and I could feel/smell blood pooled on my shoulder/head. As soon as I opened my eyes (about an hour after the incident) there were a paramedic on each side of me and an ambulance waiting. One of the paramedics noticed I was coming around so he asked me if I knew where I was? I said of course, pointed at my tree and house and explained my location on MY property. haha! I was taken to Ardmore, OK to Mercy Memorial Hospital and when we pulled in I was taken straight to the MedEvac. And off to Oklahoma City to the University of Oklahoma Health & Sciences Center. I spent 3 or 4 days in there and can’t hardly remember ANYTHING as I was kept SO DOPED UP! And they lying to me about what they would be doing is all I really remember.
Now for the injuries incurred on this “fun outing”…
Cracked my skull on the left side from about 2 inches above the temple down around 6 inches. That injury severed the nerves to my left ear which is now totally deaf. I broke my left leg right in the knew joint on the very top of the tibia lower leg bone. Really odd place for a fracture I felt and was told as much by medical personnel. And I broke my little baby toe on the left foot. The worst of this was right in the center of my back, almost between my shoulder blades, was a fist sized swollen…what? Don’t know. Nobody ever said a word about it. On the 4th day, I think, nurses told me if I could walk with a walker I would be released that day. HELLZ YEAH! Me, broken leg, and all was Old Man motoring with a walker! AND THE PAIN WAS UNBELIEVABLE but I wanted OUT!!!
I get released after I think 4 days and get a prescription of opioids to take home. First night home, my son and a friend are hanging out with me when I decide to go to bed at around 11pm. I have a brace not cast on my left leg and that huge knot on the middle of my back. I stand up from my chair, grab my walker, and take two steps when I put my walker a bit out of balance. I then lost my balance and I was about to hit the floor when I remember thinking I was worried about my leg so I twisted my body to land flat on my back before impact. RIGHT ON THAT HUGE KNOT! I was doped up on opioids and still nearly passed out from the pain! My son and friend helped me up and sort of guided me from the side towards my bedroom as I used my walker. I got into my room, they turned to go back into the living room, and I then turned around to shut my door. Which, once again, I lost my balance and my ass went through my bedroom window where I was STUCK IN THE BROKEN WINDOW! My son and friend cam running in and neither could keep from laughing and I laughed as well while they pulled me from the broken glass. And UNBELIEVABLE to me is have NO CUTS! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?
Once I regained my bearings, broken glass was left alone, and DEEP SLEEP I WENT!!! I had missed my bed!
Remember, I was able to recall two plus years after the wreck what exactly happened that fateful day. Picking up with what actually happened with the “wheelie” from earlier. When I switched to 2nd gear and gave a little throttle it raised up in the front in a “wheelie.” I was thinking I AM only goin 10-15 mph and this is COOL so I kept riding it at low speed. The bike began to lean to the left so I stuck my right leg out and leaned my body also right to try and balance the wheelie. I realized it wasn’t really working and THAT IS THE MOMENT I decided to just drop the throttle fully down since I was going so slow. As soon as the front tire smacked the ground is when it bounced me into the Superman Position with the throttled pulled WIDE OPEN! And now…the REST of the story… as the bike struck the back right tire of the tractor I STILL had the throttle pulled wide open. As the bike moved up my left leg was away from the bike a little ways and it hit the back of the tractor’s front end loader (bucket), breaking it. Then, as I recall this over two years later in nearly SLOMO detail, I released the bike as it broke into two pieces. I was in a Superman type pose as the left side temple area of my head and my left shoulder STRUCK the tree AT THE SAME TIME! When this impact happened I was traveling due South and hit the tree just on the North/North East Side of the tree. And because of that angle I hit at and my head/shoulder impacting simultaneously, I bounced off that tree in a HELICOPTER…and that’s the last thing I can remember. I’ve NEVER been able to recall ANYTHING from the hour or so I was knocked out cold.
*Note: Spirit Awoke not this day. This was the catalyst that began the process.


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