Have you ever wondered why the “Skull & Bones” club has this numerology? Are you SURE you want to know? Hmmm…what could 322 mean?

Here’s one meaning: The date of 22 March (insert year) is the ACTUAL NEW YEAR’S DAY! Not January 1st. Meaning 21 March is the Spring Solstice AND the ACTUAL NEW YEAR’S EVE! why do you “suppose” there’s a 3…2…1…countdown before the “Baal Drops?” GET IT???

Another step further “3” is the Sun/Child (YOU) of 369 (Real Holy Trinity). And 22 is the Mastar Number of the Divine Feminine Energy of Creation. And together? 3+2+2=7 which is DIVINE INTERVENTION!!!
Maybe Ben Rich informed us YEARS AGO?
Saying that getting all the tech out of “Black Ops Programs” would take AN ACT OF GOD? LMFAO!!! SEE IT NOW???


Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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