Some very positive Ancient Writings to consider.

Early in my Spiritual Awakening I was led to these two writings.
Law of One: The Law of One (The Ra Material) The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks (Law of One)  (8601234605683): Elkins, Don, McCarty, James Allen, Rueckert, Carla: Books

13 Emerald Tablets of Thoth: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Stillness in the Storm : The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean - Full  Text Pdf | Emerald tablets of thoth, Ancient atlantis, Ancient mysteries

Those two texts work well together and there another important reason to peruse their contents. And that would be that all language is Light. And when you read/look at the words/characters it Awakens Light Codes within you.

Even if you do not yet innerstand what you’re reading your subconscious mind KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IT ALL MEANS! SO READ AND STUDY AWAY!!!

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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