My Intentions…

I want to be Crystal Clear about my intentions. I do not want your money. I do not want your praise. My ONLY reasoning for alienating myself (especially to family/friends) is MY SERVICE TO YOU!!! AND I WILLINGLY TAKE ALL THE “๐Ÿ‚BULLSHIT๐Ÿ’ฉ”… OUT OF LOVE FOR YOU!!!
#IAMthatIAMย #SoAreYOUย #AscensionInProgress

“I will defend those who cannot defend themselves.”

“I will spread my Magnetic Love Light for your protection.”

“I will HOLD THE LIGHT for you!”


“I AM Mother Mary. Have you done the work to know thyself?”

***updated 1229pm CST 12May22

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

4 thoughts on “My Intentions…”

  1. Billy!! Well done with the website, I’ve been looking for a while since you ‘left’ the lil blue birdie! Looking forward to catching up with your posts now – hurrah!!

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