Just in case you haven’t SEEN the truth of Earth Plane…yet? There’s this gem of info!!!

I AM positive you’ve ALL heard of Solar or Lunar Eclipses…right?
Alrighty then!!!! Refer to my previous post for how Light Works please!
Now, when we have a Lunar eclipse of the Sun, the “official” explanation is the Moon, at a mere 238,000 miles away, and the Sun being over 93 million miles away? Somehow the HUGE Sun can pinpoint its Rays? HAHA! And when this happens the BIG BAD SUN with all its “gravity” doesn’t pull Moon away from Earth’s orbit? LMFAO!!! (Shhh…gravity is YET another hoax! I’ll get to that in time!😤)!!!
Please take a look at these two pics of eclipses.

Experiment to follow: Take a light source like a flashlight.
Find an object (like a coin) the same size as your flashlight lens.
Set it on a countertop or something similar.
Turn the light source on and turn all others off.
Have somebody do this with you or record it with a camera/phone.
What you will find is the ONLY way to get those pics above?
Two things MUST be true:
1) Both objects are VERY close to the same size.
2) Both objects are VERY close to the same DISTANCE!
Perform this simple experiment until you SEE!!!
Need more UMMPH for your mind?
Watch this short video:
and take your time. Three things I’ll point out to “look for”:
1) At :58 seconds there’s an audible KERPLUNK like you’d hear from dropping a stone into water, and the rocket’s rotation slows DRAMATICALLY!
2) At 1:22 the Moon makes an appearance!
3) I won’t give a time but the Sun is shown MANY TIMES!


***updated 139pm CST 12May22

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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