Antarctica…what is it REALLY??? Let’s have a “looksee” with CS (common sense)?!!!

*Huge Love to Flat Earth Podcast [] and Flat Earth DAVE! You all ROCK!!!
Look on the right side of the pic (see this?). See the area circled in red? That is what we’re told Antarctica is! Look at the gold circle and the X on the left.
THIS IS ALL ANTARCTICA including where “see this” is at!!! And we’re not “allowed” to explore past the 60th parallel which is the blueish/purplish circle around the Earth POND!!! Why can’t we explore? BECAUSE THEN WE’D KNOW THE TRUTHS AND [THEIR] POWER/CONTROL WOULD END INSTANTLY!!! FREE WILL RULES CREATION!!!
#FlatEarthPodcast #FlatEarthDave #EarthPlane #WorldsWithinWorlds #RussianNestingDoll #PlatosRingsOfAtlantis
*Bonus Pics!

Pic 1 of 3 is what we’re “told” is the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole Area.
Pic 2 of 3 is the TRUTH that the Piri Reis Map WAS/IS of the North Pole area!
Pic 3 of 3 is what the North Pole Area ACTUALLY looks like in the physical.
So how do [they] hide all of this from WE THE PEOPLE?
#TruthStrangerThanFiction #EarthPlaneRocks

*North Pole? HAHAHA…BUYA!!!

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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