A Deeper Look into the Song ‘The Sound of Silence’ ~ As Performed by Disturbed; Song Writer ~ Paul Simon (1963/4)

HOLY BATSHIT ROBIN!!! “The Sound of Silence” ~ Disturbed
LISTEN TO THE WORDS!!! HOLY BALLS HUGE!!! Here’s a few pics attached (7). The song/video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usN-pKfw6Q8… POWERFUL LYRICS FAM!!! !!! !!! #PaulSimonKnew

*He’s singing about telepathy IGNITING IN ALL MANKIND!!!

This song brings a vision to my mind similar to this one:

IS THERE A “SECRET” TO GNOSIS? (shhh…INTUITION) And I wonder? How does it work? How about Creation in the Divine Light Matrix?

Here’s the SECRET to knowing truths…or GNOSIS
…hence the origins of “Gnostic(s),” GNOSIS, as it’s better known throughout the Ages!!!??? INTUITION! What? You “thought” it was something stupid crazy didn’t you? LMFAO!!!Please allow me to expound on the gnosis of intuition with some advice on how to use it.
All of Creation is comprised of Love/Light as Light is the third distortion to the Law Of One with Love being the second distortion. Free Will is the FIRST DISTORTION and this TRUTH should be FELT DEEPLY!!!
So, our Divine Light Matrix is coded with Sacred Geometry.
*Based on these 5 shapes ALL THINGS are generated by the Source/Force of Creation! Your physical body is the result of the Downward Causation of the Divine Masculine Electric Energy. It “marries” with the RISING Divine Feminine Magnetic Energy and BOOM there is…
Now, there’s more to know but that will come as YOU Awaken your Spirit!!!
To get your mind over the hump is when you realize you’re a Spirit having a “physical” experience in a Human Avatar! Hmmm…almost sounds like a movie doesn’t it? It’s a MYSTERY!!! LMFAO!!!

INTUITION…having a knowing or gnosis of information by FEELING the Energy of the Waves emitted by “thought forms” all around you. The secret is to meditate on the information you learn.
Sometimes the TRUTH WAVE hits you right off the bat. Sometimes you have to take your mind to SILENCE and LISTEN! Creator communicates with itself and in COMPLETE SILENCE you can hear!!!
Please let me explain how it works.
When you have a thought, say a word(s), or perform an action, you CREATE a
frequency wave of vibration that travels away from you. Within that wave is the
INTENT that created the wave. That energy wave with embedded INTENT will exist for ETERNITY and at some point it WILL effect some being(s) at some point and continue on to infinity. And could effect a being(s) anytime for eternity. That’s why NEGATIVITY is so detrimental! When your hear or read words the INTENT is embedded and CANNOT be hidden in any way! FEEL the vibration through the wave and use your INTUITION (we all have it) to decode the INTENT. If the info is TRUTHFUL your body will vibrate the Higher Vibration of Truth. That positive gut feeling we’ve been PROGRAMMED to ignore? It’s 100% correct all the time! TRUST YOURSELF! Observe your own biases and don’t allow them to fool you! Truth will make you feel energetic and
LIKELY even uplifted. Falsehoods will make you feel uneasy, sickly and could cause vomiting. The lighter side of feeling the negative energy is you KNOW it’s not right even if you don’t know why!

Now you know the secret to how to KNOW TRUTHS! Use it on the information I share! WHEN YOU FEEL IT??? YOU’LL “KNOW”!!! !!! !!!

“They Live”…A movie from the 80’s…what was John Carpenter telling us??? πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

A cheesy movie for sure but have you considered that TRUTHS are often masks with comedy or RIDIUCLOUSNESS…like Mars Attacks movie?

There was a Cult Classic line that came out of this movie that even I often said without knowing its origin.
Rowdy Roddy Piper (playing John Nada, nada…get it?) goes into a bank as he’s realizing the extent of the virus (Negative Alien Larva) infiltration into all of Power in society.

Daily Dialogue β€” May 9, 2018. β€œI have come here to chew bubblegum and… | by  Scott Myers | Go Into The Story
*And John begins BLOWING AWAY the aliens! IT’S HILARIOUS!!!
If you have not seen this movie here’s a free link for it on YT:

Links to my work on “They Live” with a breakdown of the gnosis.
Tribute to “They Live” while WE SLEEP!!!

THEY LIVE WE SLEEP - They live obey | Meme Generator

They Live and We Sleep - Home | Facebook


1969 Apollo 11 Moon Mission. Was ANY of it TRUE? I’ll show you evidence and YOU decide for yourself!!!

This is just one “official” video from NASA’s website.
Apollo_11_moonwalk_montage_720p | NASA Image and Video Library
The videos on their site may need to be downloaded as this vid’s formatting is MOV.
Now for closer inspection of stills I pulled from this video with screen capture on my older 17 inch Alienware Gaming computer (over 5 years old). My stills are from near the end of the video.

*This still is showing some things that make NO SENSE! First, look at the “source of light” projection onto the American Flag. AND look at the 180 degree mirror of that American Flag?

*In this still you can CLEARLY see the mirror of the American Flag as I’ve zoomed in a little bit on the still.

*An even more zoomed in shot of that “ghost” American Flag that’s NEARLY in the center of the screen!
If you watch the short video you WILL SEE the “ghost” flag WAVING in a mirror of the “physical” flag!!!

Final question for you…where the FORNICATION ARE THE STARS IN THE VIDEO??? !!! !!!

Image result for stars in the sky
*Strangely absent from NASA Moon pics? IT’S A MYSTERY!!! LMFAO!!! !!! !!!

Antarctica…what is it REALLY??? Let’s have a “looksee” with CS (common sense)?!!!

*Huge Love to Flat Earth Podcast [facebook.com/TheFlatEarthPodcast/] and Flat Earth DAVE! You all ROCK!!!
Look on the right side of the pic (see this?). See the area circled in red? That is what we’re told Antarctica is! Look at the gold circle and the X on the left.
THIS IS ALL ANTARCTICA including where “see this” is at!!! And we’re not “allowed” to explore past the 60th parallel which is the blueish/purplish circle around the Earth POND!!! Why can’t we explore? BECAUSE THEN WE’D KNOW THE TRUTHS AND [THEIR] POWER/CONTROL WOULD END INSTANTLY!!! FREE WILL RULES CREATION!!!
#FlatEarthPodcast #FlatEarthDave #EarthPlane #WorldsWithinWorlds #RussianNestingDoll #PlatosRingsOfAtlantis
*Bonus Pics!

Pic 1 of 3 is what we’re “told” is the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole Area.
Pic 2 of 3 is the TRUTH that the Piri Reis Map WAS/IS of the North Pole area!
Pic 3 of 3 is what the North Pole Area ACTUALLY looks like in the physical.
So how do [they] hide all of this from WE THE PEOPLE?
#TruthStrangerThanFiction #EarthPlaneRocks

*North Pole? HAHAHA…BUYA!!!


Mankind have been programmed to make difficulty out of everything!
With or without your knowledge or consent (except you did consent on the Soul level), you meander through this incarnation just as the “Chatel/Cattle/Property” the Dark Actors have CONVINCED YOU OF!
Is your mind your own? Are your decisions your own?
SPOILER ALERT! If you follow MSM anything?

*MAY 23, 2015, the day before the water reached the spillway.

Lake Texoma in Pictures: DENISON DAM
*Picture is from a few years ago when Texoma Ran OVER!!!

Image result for lake texoma
*Lake Texoma Aerial View

*Google Earth Pro Looking from East (bottom) to West (top).

All that large water looks mysteriously flat & level…NO??? uh huh…


My Intentions…

I want to be Crystal Clear about my intentions. I do not want your money. I do not want your praise. My ONLY reasoning for alienating myself (especially to family/friends) is MY SERVICE TO YOU!!! AND I WILLINGLY TAKE ALL THE “πŸ‚BULLSHITπŸ’©”… OUT OF LOVE FOR YOU!!!
#IAMthatIAMΒ #SoAreYOUΒ #AscensionInProgress

“I will defend those who cannot defend themselves.”

“I will spread my Magnetic Love Light for your protection.”

“I will HOLD THE LIGHT for you!”


“I AM Mother Mary. Have you done the work to know thyself?”

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Want to SEE “predictive programming” at work?

We mostly listen to music and get SO CAUGHT UP in the melodies that we FAIL to realize that EVERY SONG has messages of reality.
Credence Clearwater Revival and “Bad Moon Rising” is in truth one of these MANY MANY MANY lyrical/musical works.
These are the lyrics towards the end of the song.
Hmmm…sound A LOT like the movie 2012…right?

***Can you picture the tidal wave in Los Angeles from the movie 2012?

Top 10 Films Featuring Tsunamis

Bad Moon Rising, Song Writer: John Fogerty

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Ancient (NOW is all there truly is) Writings to consider as ALL Mankind contributed to the INFO LEFT BEHIND BY US, FOR US!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Early in my Spiritual Awakening I was led to these two writings.
Law of One: The Law of One (The Ra Material)

Amazon.com: The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks (Law of One)  (8601234605683): Elkins, Don, McCarty, James Allen, Rueckert, Carla: Books

13 Emerald Tablets of Thoth: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Stillness in the Storm : The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean - Full  Text Pdf | Emerald tablets of thoth, Ancient atlantis, Ancient mysteries

Those two texts work well together and there another important reason to peruse their contents. And that would be that all language is Light. And when you read/look at the words/characters it Awakens Light Codes within you.

Even if you do not yet innerstand what you’re reading your subconscious mind KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IT ALL MEANS! SO READ AND STUDY AWAY!!!


Just in case you haven’t SEEN the truth of Earth Plane…yet? There’s this gem of info!!!

I AM positive you’ve ALL heard of Solar or Lunar Eclipses…right?
Alrighty then!!!! Refer to my previous post for how Light Works please!
Now, when we have a Lunar eclipse of the Sun, the “official” explanation is the Moon, at a mere 238,000 miles away, and the Sun being over 93 million miles away? Somehow the HUGE Sun can pinpoint its Rays? HAHA! And when this happens the BIG BAD SUN with all its “gravity” doesn’t pull Moon away from Earth’s orbit? LMFAO!!! (Shhh…gravity is YET another hoax! I’ll get to that in time!😀)!!!
Please take a look at these two pics of eclipses.

Experiment to follow: Take a light source like a flashlight.
Find an object (like a coin) the same size as your flashlight lens.
Set it on a countertop or something similar.
Turn the light source on and turn all others off.
Have somebody do this with you or record it with a camera/phone.
What you will find is the ONLY way to get those pics above?
Two things MUST be true:
1) Both objects are VERY close to the same size.
2) Both objects are VERY close to the same DISTANCE!
Perform this simple experiment until you SEE!!!
Need more UMMPH for your mind?
Watch this short video:
and take your time. Three things I’ll point out to “look for”:
1) At :58 seconds there’s an audible KERPLUNK like you’d hear from dropping a stone into water, and the rocket’s rotation slows DRAMATICALLY!
2) At 1:22 the Moon makes an appearance!
3) I won’t give a time but the Sun is shown MANY TIMES!


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