IS THERE A “SECRET” TO GNOSIS? (shhh…INTUITION) And I wonder? How does it work? How about Creation in the Divine Light Matrix?

Here’s the SECRET to knowing truths…or GNOSIS
…hence the origins of “Gnostic(s),” GNOSIS, as it’s better known throughout the Ages!!!??? INTUITION! What? You “thought” it was something stupid crazy didn’t you? LMFAO!!!Please allow me to expound on the gnosis of intuition with some advice on how to use it.
All of Creation is comprised of Love/Light as Light is the third distortion to the Law Of One with Love being the second distortion. Free Will is the FIRST DISTORTION and this TRUTH should be FELT DEEPLY!!!
So, our Divine Light Matrix is coded with Sacred Geometry.
*Based on these 5 shapes ALL THINGS are generated by the Source/Force of Creation! Your physical body is the result of the Downward Causation of the Divine Masculine Electric Energy. It “marries” with the RISING Divine Feminine Magnetic Energy and BOOM there is…
Now, there’s more to know but that will come as YOU Awaken your Spirit!!!
To get your mind over the hump is when you realize you’re a Spirit having a “physical” experience in a Human Avatar! Hmmm…almost sounds like a movie doesn’t it? It’s a MYSTERY!!! LMFAO!!!

INTUITION…having a knowing or gnosis of information by FEELING the Energy of the Waves emitted by “thought forms” all around you. The secret is to meditate on the information you learn.
Sometimes the TRUTH WAVE hits you right off the bat. Sometimes you have to take your mind to SILENCE and LISTEN! Creator communicates with itself and in COMPLETE SILENCE you can hear!!!
Please let me explain how it works.
When you have a thought, say a word(s), or perform an action, you CREATE a
frequency wave of vibration that travels away from you. Within that wave is the
INTENT that created the wave. That energy wave with embedded INTENT will exist for ETERNITY and at some point it WILL effect some being(s) at some point and continue on to infinity. And could effect a being(s) anytime for eternity. That’s why NEGATIVITY is so detrimental! When your hear or read words the INTENT is embedded and CANNOT be hidden in any way! FEEL the vibration through the wave and use your INTUITION (we all have it) to decode the INTENT. If the info is TRUTHFUL your body will vibrate the Higher Vibration of Truth. That positive gut feeling we’ve been PROGRAMMED to ignore? It’s 100% correct all the time! TRUST YOURSELF! Observe your own biases and don’t allow them to fool you! Truth will make you feel energetic and
LIKELY even uplifted. Falsehoods will make you feel uneasy, sickly and could cause vomiting. The lighter side of feeling the negative energy is you KNOW it’s not right even if you don’t know why!

Now you know the secret to how to KNOW TRUTHS! Use it on the information I share! WHEN YOU FEEL IT??? YOU’LL “KNOW”!!! !!! !!!

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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