Want to SEE “predictive programming” at work?

We mostly listen to music and get SO CAUGHT UP in the melodies that we FAIL to realize that EVERY SONG has messages of reality.
Credence Clearwater Revival and “Bad Moon Rising” is in truth one of these MANY MANY MANY lyrical/musical works.
These are the lyrics towards the end of the song.
Hmmm…sound A LOT like the movie 2012…right?

***Can you picture the tidal wave in Los Angeles from the movie 2012?

Top 10 Films Featuring Tsunamis

Bad Moon Rising, Song Writer: John Fogerty

***updated 143pm CST 12May22

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

2 thoughts on “Want to SEE “predictive programming” at work?”

  1. Music has been my biggest “bred crumb trail”. When I realized that EVERY song that I ever liked and felt stirred by had messages in them, I was shocked! I was incarnated in 1964. Ive been listening to ALL of these messages ALL of my life, but didnt hear the messages until I began to get my memories back! *well, Im sure I subconsciously heard them and that is why I was drawn to them*! However, the current music, I must say, is my favorite! Because NOW We are receiving Anthems to the Awakening! Coldplay, for instance has been leading us by the hand this ENTIRE time, and has just released Music of the Spheres! Their anthem Colouratura is AMAZING! (NOT a coincidence lead singer has the best falsetto in the business!). Additionally, One Republic! Just released their new album Human! My faves by them tho, are Secrets and Countin Stars! I LOVE all of the new stuff! SO uplifting! p.s. Would be remiss not to mention the little known band Keane. Especially Somewhere Only We Could Know! If you are Awake, you will get the meaning of EVERYTHING in that video! p.p.s. Hope its not lost on you that my name is Melody. lol, I STILL await hearing/seeing my Soul name which is in music and Light! I Am oh so close now…Ive really felt intuitively lately to create sanctuary in my surroundings. Quiet and peace and comfort. Namaste’

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