Metaphor For Your Divinity ~ Including Free Will, Love & Light

THIS is one of my ‘fave’ metaphors for our Divinity.

My intent here is to HELP YOU SEE past the physical and into the Energy that IS YOU!!!
In the metaphor above, The Universe is YOU inside your Pineal Gland INSIDE THIS PIC, your own Universe, Atum. Each Mankind has their own Atum, hence “mansions in heaven”!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

All those ‘finger puppets’ are all other Mankind’s COPY OF EACH inside your EXPERIENCE.

AND in one of those ‘finger puppets’ YOU are transferring your Consciousness INTO from your ATUM, the vessel (body) you’re in reading this info!!!
Again, as I share often, every THING outside of you is YOU in another Energy Form, playing a ROLE in your CREATION (experience, reality, hologram)…
THIS is what I mean when I share advice to any of you when I Am asked a question about changing another’s behavior in your world. EAZY PEAZIE BUTY SQUEEZIE…as each of YOUR PROJECTIONS will behave EXACTLY how you THINK they will. On another note here, when another Mankind SHOWS UP into your experience causing you grief, heartache, etc…THAT TO IS A PLAN BETWEEN YOU AND THE OTHER CONSCIOUSNESSES!!!
NO THING CAN HAPPEN BY COINCIDENCE…that is not possible in our Divine Light Matrix. ALL THINGS (waves) MUST have ‘INTENT’ embedded in the Wave or it DISPELS!!!
That is what I mean when I share that NO THING can be random and every THING that happens in YOUR WORLD is YOUR DOING!!! And it cannot be any other way for each Mankind is God in Fractal Divine Light Form as the 3 of 369. MEANING the 6 & 9 are ALSO YOU, LIVING EFV’s WITHIN EACH MANKIND!!!
You are God The Father, God The Mother, as GOD THE DIVINE CHILD!!!

***Lastly, the 3 Distortions the Create the illusion of separation.

  1. Free Will said proper ‘fray ay weell’
  2. Love ‘loh vay’
  3. Light ‘leeght’ annunce each Letra (letter)
    Sound ALMOST like “league hit” without saying the ‘i’ as we would say it now and nearly like legit…😁😁😁

I often point out the distortions because the TRUTH it shows is HOLY BALLZ POWERFUL!!!
~That Truth?
FREE WILL IS THE ‘ONE RING’ OF ALL CREATION!!! Love & Light are Free Will’s BUDDIES in this Power of 3 SETUP!!!
Ego is the one ring UNTIL each of you LET GO of this material world (ego). Then Free Will SHOWS ITSELF TO YOU!!!

“Time to Rise back home to Pineal.”
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***Magick in this 3D Earth Game Divine Light Matrix ~ SPEAK PROPER ~ INTENTIONS THE KEY

***Music, A Deeper Look into Divinity With Numerology In Tow!!!

“Is what you believe true, or do you just believe what we’ve been TOLD?”

~ :Billy-Don:Asbery:

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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