Music, A Deeper Look into Divinity With Numerology In Tow!!!

Music, YOU are Music. You are Love. You are Light. With Free Will of ALL CREATION…you are God, playing like a CHILD OF LIGHT!!!

Music is Beautifully laid out by the notes of a piano.

Consider the ‘Black Keys’ here, as there are 2 then 3 repeating. And with each set of Black Keys are the White Keys numbering 3 with 2 Black Keys and 4 with Black Keys like this.
Numerology this is 57, 5 keys + 7 keys. And 57=5+7=12 AND 1+2=3 Divine Child (YOU)…SEE? YOU ARE FORNICATING MUSIC, BABY!!! BUYA!!!
(music memes added for clarity or confusion, that is up to YOU…HAHAHA)!!!

Consider now THINGS you’ve heard/seen that are 57? Like movies, ‘Passenger 57’ with Wesley Snipes? HAHA…TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!
How about the name of a gun, 357 Magnum? INNERSTAND?
357=312=33=1122=1221=2112=2121=2211=6 Divine Mother Source Energy!!!
How about magnum? =417534=24=6 Divine Mother…
So, 357 Magnum = 66 which is ALL 3 MASTAR NUMBERS OF CREATION!!!
These: Father 11, Mother 22, Child 33 = 11+22+33=66 AND 66=12=3 Divine Child (YOU)!!! How about that Route 66 NOW? HAHAHAHAHA!!! BUYA!!!


Number 57 represents 5 which is an Act of God and 7 is Divine Intervention. Put them together 5+7=12 Father~Mother=1+2=3 Divine Child (YOU)!!! INNERSTAND, FAMILY? YOU ARE ALL THINGS!!! BUM CHAKRA LAKRA!!!

147=12=3 ⚑πŸ’₯πŸ”₯
*Note: One of 12’s meanings is COMPLETION OF MANKIND!!! And from this COMPLETION, Father/Mother Vibration EQUALS Divine Child…YOU YOU YOU!!! BUYA!!!

“To believe what you’re told without investigation is IGNORANCE.
To believe what you’re told after seeing evidence to the contrary is WILLFUL IGNORANCE!!!”

~ :Billy-Don:Asbery:I-Am:

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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