The documentary “Tread” TO ME was a “hit piece” MOSTLY. Born: Marvin John Heemeyer October 28, 1951, Castlewood, South Dakota, U.S. (numerology 10-28-1951 = 11+16 = 27 = 9 Died: June 04, 2004, Granby, Colorado, U.S. (numerology 6-4-2004 = 10+6=16=88=4444=5533=66+22=77+11…
And this even goes DEEPER…šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜
Cause of death: Self-inflicted gunshot wound I saw the doc as something the townsfolks WANTED to tell “their side” of the story. All those guys were DOUCHEY Darkies!!! Especially those Thompsons. And that Cody dude needed a THOROUGH ARSE WHIPPING as Darkness is all those Left Brain Zombies KNOW!!! For they are DEVOID of Source Light!!! BY THEIR OWN CHOICES I MIGHT ADD!!! “THE CHOICE? Dark or Light!!!”
One thing he did was NOT what I would do. And that is all the guns he was using. Had he killed anyone? This story would be SO SO SO MUCH DIFFERENT!!! Not to mention that President Reagan DIED the following day on June 5th and the coverage of the “DOZER RAMPAGE” (as CNN and the other demons TERMED IT) went away like it had NEVER happened. My feeling is IF full coverage would have been given? THE CABAL WOULD HAVE BEGAN THEIR DESCENT INTO ENERGETIC REALITY THEN!!! RATHER THAN NOW!!! So, he did enough to keep the info in the Mass Consciousness and only NOW can we see what it REALLY was about: HE WAS TRYING TO ALERT ALL OF US!!! OF THAT I FEEL STRONGLY!!! Even if that effort is only now taking effect on our consciousnesses…HE DID WHAT HE SET OUT TO DO!!! And dying at the end? BIG FORNICATING DEAL!!! IT WAS HIS CHOICE AND I RESPECT IT WHETHER I AGREE OR NOT!!! IT WAS HIS EXPERIENCE NOT MINE!!! BOOYAH!!! But NOW this truth is COMING TO THE LIGHT!!! And I feel MANY more Mankind will INNERSTAND…BOOM SHAKA LAKA !!! *Video Of The Incident
*Sneak Peek into “Tread” youtube.com/watch?v=yb1hQfo4nFY
And I must admit the dozer itself is PRETTY DAMN COOL!!! I could just do without the guns…šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜!!!

Marvin John Heemeyer
Modified Dozer he used.
Cop attempting to gain entry to no avail.
Some of the destruction caught on video.
How much could YOU take from societies’ Darkness?
'Killdozer' documentary featuring the bulldozer rampage of ...
How do you stop something you cannot fathom?

Keep this meme in mind when any “authority” is trying to convince you of ANYTHING…

“Be LOVE and LOVE is all that CAN exist in YOUR WORLD!!!”
~ :Billy-Don:Asbery:I-Am:

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