~~~Bible’s Purpose? Money? Admiralty Law? Law of the Land? What is this shiznit…REALLY? Let’s DIG IN!!!

In order to really innerstand the function of money in this Earth Game one must realize real lies with real eyes, that money has ONE PURPOSE: ENSLAVEMENT OF YOUR MIND!!!
We can argue about this until the “cows come home” but it won’t change the simple truth that money is part of a control system that strips away our identity piece by piece. The Dark Actors of this “Spy vs Spy” game we’re playing in this physical reality could NEVER EVER EVER take control of society WITHOUT [their] “BABYLONIAN MAGICK MONEY SLAVE SYSTEM”!!! Do you “think” that is just a catchy name for fun? HAHA!!!
Money has become equivalent to Mankind’s Life Force within Maritime Admiralty Law. “Gold Fever” or “Dragon Sickness (think Smaug: LOR)” is absolutely real in this Earth Game. Those who are PUSHED deep into their Left Brain Egos become nearly helpless to break this cycle of abusing THEMSELVES. If we go too deep into our left brain ego we run the risk of becoming essentially a MIND CONTROLLED ROBOT to the dark players. They control MANY of us through the FREQUENCIES OF OUR DEVICES @60htz range which is the frequency our biological functions of our vessels (bodies) mostly work at.
Go LOOK at the frequencies of your electronics. I DARE YOU!!! See HOW MANY are operating at the 60 htz range…(spoiler alert…ALL OF THEM 😁😁😁)!!!
The “dark magick” of the cabal lies within [their] Maritime Admiralty Law of the Sea. Grammar fraud is so rampant we only speak in BABBLE language due to our languages being CHANGED to keep all of Mankind on Earth from COMMUMICATING with each other. And why would we do that? Because the Darkness in this GAME has CONVINCED us of National Pride, Race Pride, etc & etal. Now, I AM not degrading those aspects. I AM simply sharing TRUTH that all mankind are ONE with each other and ONE with ALL OF CREATION. If you don’t FEEL that already? YOU WILL AND THAT’S A PROMISE!!! It will be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT but ALL will know TRUTHS!!! Revelation within the texts of the Bible only needs ONE WORD for the entire “Book of Revelations”…REVEALING!!! For ALL things in the Dark? WILL have Light SHOWN upon them for ALL TO SEE…think “They Live”…A DOCUMENTARY!!! HELLO?!!! BOOYAH!!!
*** THEY LIVE!!!

It’s needful at this point to discuss something Johashua (Jesus) shared with us long ago. We’ve all heard/read/watched the story of Jesus walking on water, right? Well, there’s MUCH more there than “meets the eye.”
First, let’s take a QUICK look at what the Christian Bible REALLY is…
The Bible is 100% ALLEGORY and its INTENTION is METAPHYSICS.
The Old Testament god is jealous, murderous, vain, and all the OTHER “deadly sins” (Note: sin DOES NOT exist as PROGRAMMED!!! “sin” is the SINE WAVES OF CREATION😁😁😁). So, the OT is a TRAINING TOOL to keep Mankind OUT of living in their LEFT BRAIN EGO!!! Now you may INNERSTAND why the OT and the NT Gods are POLAR OPPOSITES, right?
Old Testament is 100% ALLEGORY teaching LESSONS of the dangers of LIVING IN YOUR LEFT BRAIN EGO!!! As your ego is LITERALLY not YOU!!! Ego is an ATTACHMENT God gives us or this GAME would be TOO EASY!!! Once we ACCEPT that “voice of ego” is NOT US? Then we can SHUT THAT F’er UP and make it SIT IN THE CORNER OF OUR MIND AND OBSERVE/LEARN…because our egos WILL come into the Light and join our BATTLE AGAINST THE DARKNESS!!! And make NO MISTAKE about this…ALL THE DARKNESS CREATED ON EARTH PLANE WAS CREATED BY ALL MANKIND!!! That’s right!!! None of this Darkness is REAL as it’s all a Holographic Simulation we play for Soul Advancement into Higher States of Being!!! BUYA!!!
So, left brain is ego and right brain is LOVE, BLISS, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, JOY, ETC!!! The “God” of the New Testament was ALL ABOUT LOVE, right? While the “god” of the Old Testament wanted to kill everyone/everything that didn’t align with it. Left Brain vs Right Brain or “SPY VS SPY?” YEAH FOLKS, YOU’RE PLAYING A COSMIC VIDEO GAME!!! None of us are REALLY here on Earth…😁😁😁!!!

Now back to Jesus walking on the water. It’s an allegory teaching us that to get off the CITIZEN SHIP, walk across the WATERS OF MARITIME ADMIRALTY LAW, back onto dry land…which is…LAW OF THE LAND (God’s Law). All one needs to innerstand what the differences are between Maritime Law of the Sea & Law of the Land? STUDY IT JUST A LITTLE BIT AS THEY ARE POLAR OPPOSITES…does that SURPRISE you? HAHAHA!!!

“Walk off the citizen ship, GROUND your feet on Mother Earth and the Law of the Land, then prepare for the MAGICK you came here for.”
~ :Billy-Don:Asbery-I-Am:


Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

2 thoughts on “~~~Bible’s Purpose? Money? Admiralty Law? Law of the Land? What is this shiznit…REALLY? Let’s DIG IN!!!”

  1. Love your insight!! Thank you so much! Is there a current majestic 12 document? The one I have was the updated one you posted almost a year ago. I think it has like 690 pages or so, I may be off on that. Also, what percentage of the population do you think are Soulless beings? I really appreciate all of your help! I’ve learned so much from you!

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