Facts and Truths, Are They The Same THING? Do We Even SAY The Words PROPER? Let’s take a DIVE!!!


We’ve all used or heard ‘truths’ and ‘facts’ get interchanged at the sentence construction & innerstanding level of languages. See, the real trouble most of us are having is we’ve been programmed through the Marxists American Education ‘system’ to NOT think critically towards any One subject.

(Do you innerstand it’s a SYSTEM?) 😁😁😁
I challenge your MIND to look at the bullet points on the Education meme and CONVINCE the Self that is NOT communism? I DARE YA!!! HAHAHA!!!

THEN have a look at these meme’s info and RECALL our Experience here on Earth is an UPSIDE-DOWN-GAME!!! Experiencing ALL Darkness to PUSH our Soul Spark to GREATER AWARENESS OF OUR DIVINITY WITHIN!!! !!! !!!

My Perspective of Definitions I use for TRUTH or FACTS.
truth – Said Proper, ‘troot h’ annuncing the h at the end (like phonics, sounding out your letters to figure out how to say words, as all the TEACHINGS were LIES of THE SYSTEM)!!!
Truth is some ‘thing’ true for YOU that may or may not be true for other Mankind as our experiences are controlled by our beliefs we hold within our Heart. Whatever we BELIEVE we will experience, we will 100% EXPERIENCE THAT!!!
fact – Said Proper ‘fahkt’ nearly sounding like FUCKED (how we say it now).
A fact is an immoveable Energy that’s ABSOLUTE.
If I say that I Am alive and that’s a FACT, well, in physical form I will NOT always be alive so that’s my TRUTH not a FACT.
You are God. That is a FACT.
No THING you say or do can CHANGE that ABSOLUTE-FACT!!!
Gender is a Truth. For each incarnation you have, you CHOOSE either Masculine or Feminine to EXPRESS and it’s 100% YOUR CHOICE, YOU ARE GOD!!! So, to say that I Am a Man in this Earth Realm isn’t FACT, just my Truth for NOW TIME. Meaning, I will at some point incarnate as a Wombman (woman), so gender isn’t FIXED as each Mankind is THE HOLY TRINITY in and of One’s Self.
There are 12 Laws of Creation I Am aware of at this junction.


:Billy-Don: Asbery: I-Am

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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