Know Thy Self & Where You Are If one does not know where one is, how will one know WHAT one is?

Intro To Subjects to Cover/Covered
Just an info stream of consciousness. Setting up where the info will go. It’s kinda on you where it goes from here. 😁😁😁

21FEB22 Storm Approaches Southern Oklahoma from the South

Sun & Luna from Oklahoma

Spraying The ‘Friendly’ Skies HAHA!!!

Spray ‘Rig’ Operation

17MAR22 707am CST IMAGINE Luna Projection Into The Earth Realm M2U01460

Early Dawning Luna Loving…😁😁😁 Attempting to show you how Luna rotates Clockwise depending on your location upon Earth’s Surface as She is a PROJECTION into The Realm.

17MAR22 1029pm CST Luna Night Sky M2U01461

This is the second of 2 vids I shot on that date. What I Am doing is showing you how Luna rotates clockwise in a perfect circle as she transverses the sky. And it depends on your location as to how

22APR22 Clouds Moving X’s In Sky M2U01473

Chemtrails are truth, however, since Trump was elected in 2016 the formula has apparently CHANGED…no? It’s gone from a ‘drab’ looking greyish black to Puffy White Magick…have you noticed? 😁😁😁3⚑πŸ’₯πŸ”₯6🍿🎬πŸŽ₯9

22MAR22 Luna Dawning Western Sky M2U01467

A little visual on just how much Light of Luna is off in just 1 Day past Full Moon Cycle. She already looks JUST like an egg…THE COSMIC EGG, MAYBE? BUYA!!! ☺☺☺

Asbery Family Fun Magenta Clouds1

The beauty in the colors has me mesmerized. HAHAHA!!! How about a scene from ‘Independence Day’? 🀣🀣🀣3πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ6⚑πŸ’₯πŸ”₯9

Asbery Family Fun Magenta Clouds2

A few minutes after I shot the previous video, the colors LIT UP again!!! AWESOME STUFF!!! LOVE IT!!!

15APR22 Luna Love from Oklahoma M2U01472

22FEB22 ~ Earth Jar Game ~ Demo on Thought Forms

I give a simple demonstration on how ‘thought forms’ are put into & taken out of this Bubble of Experience.

2AUG21, Jupiter Realization of Guiding Me to NC M2U01341

One of those strange cases as this video made me realize that when I went to North Carolina (end of July 2021), Jupiter was BRIGHTLY to my East as I traveled from Oklahoma to North Carolina.

2AUG21, Saturn Just After Jupiter M2U01342


4JULY21 Venus & Her Beauty 😁😁😁M2U01295

July 4th Fun with Luminaries (Stars)… ⚑πŸ’₯πŸ”₯3πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ6🍿🎬πŸŽ₯9

7DEC21 555PM CST ~ Luna & Venus, Crazy Colors, Clouds at dusk M2U01423

I attempt to get close-ups of Luna/Venus/Jupiter, however, the clouds were having none of it…HAHAHAHA!!! BUT IT’S FUN!!! BUYA!!! *Note: thumbnail pic is from a different video, but wanted

6FEB22 715am CST Jupiter South ~ Eastern Sky Oklahoma M2U01434

Jupiter early Dawning Eastern/Southeastern Sky.

8AUG21 Part 1 838pm CST Lions’ Gate Portal Look In on Venus, Jupiter & Saturn M2U01372

Close-up on Venus…Jupiter/Saturn in videos to follow…

8AUG21 Part 2 Lions’ Gate Portal Look In on Venus, Jupiter & Saturn M2U01373

Close-up on Venus, very GREEN!!! A look in on Venus’ Beauty as we await the arrival of Jupiter & Saturn!!!

8AUG21 Part 3 929pm CST Lions’ Gate Portal Look In on Venus & Saturn M2U01374

Zoom in on Venus to begin… Finally got Saturn to sparkle and show HIMSELF!!! BUYA!!! Saturn Zoom In!!! BUM CHAKRA LAKRA!!! πŸ’–1πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’Ž7

8AUG21 Part 4 1010pm CST Lions’ Gate Portal Look In on Jupiter & Saturn M2U01375

Begins with a Zoom~In on Jupiter. Saturn Zoom-In. Let youu know that the BULLSHIT taught is just that…BULLSHIT!!! Earth is a Level PLANE!!!

8JULY21 937pm CST Venus M2U01296

All about Venus.

10JULY21 Venus Dancing with Colors M2U01298

Many colors and shades of Venus as she moves under the dome.

11JULY21 Part 1 855pm CST Pregame Show for Venus, Luna, and Mars M2U01299

Sky FUN!!!

11JULY21 Part 2 859pm CST Luna, Venus, Mars Maybe M2U01300

This video is just over 30 minutes in length. Most of the time is to show you the movements of Luna & Venus. Nice screenshots if you want the Moon & Venus together in a photo!!!

11JULY21 Part 3 930pm CST ~ Southern Oklahoma ~ Luna, Venus, Mars Maybe Final Piece M2U01301

FINALLY GOT MARS, BABY!!! BUYA!!! Along with Venus & Luna!!! BUM CHAKRA LAKRA!!! ⚑⚑⚑3πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯6πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯9

14MAY22 904 pm CST Tracking Luna’s Dot from East ~ West M2U01480

First of two videos to show you that Luna (Moon) rotates clockwise as she moves from East to West across the sky. Also showing she is not a solid object, but a projection of Energy.

14MAY22 1106 pm CST Tracking Luna’s Dot from East ~ West M2U01481

The time I shot this was 11:06pm CST even though I say 9:06pm CST. MY BAD, FAM!!! 😁😁😁 This will show how far the ‘dot’ rotated clockwise in two hours. I was not able to get the shots past 11:06pm as the clouds moved in preventing me shooting Luna again that night/early dawning…

29MAY22 Luminary Western Sky from South Central Oklahoma M2U01482

Tracking a Luminary in my Western sky here in South Central Oklahoma. Thinking this may be Venus making her first appearance of the Summer, but all the data I research says NO…so…I’ll keep LOOKING for whichever LUMINARY this is…😁😁😁 I finally pick it up at 2:38 into the video!!!

30MAY22 Luminary Tracking POLARIS from South Central Oklahoma M2U01485

I FINALLY innerstand WHERE Polaris is located from my location here in South Central Oklahoma. BUYA!!! I watched last night (30May22) as the Big Dipper spun counterclockwise around Polaris. IT WAS AWESOME!!! !!! !!!

30MAY22 Luminaries Overhead & A Plane? HAHA!!! M2U01483

Having fun tracking Luminaries and Planes TOO…HAHAHA!!!

30MAY22 Luminary Just East of Oklahoma M2U01484

Tracking Luminaries (Stars, Planes minus T HAHA)… … … 😜😏😁

30MAY22 Big Dipper Bottom Left Star of Bucket M2U01486

Big Dipper Constellation, Luminary (Star) Merak, bottom/left of bucket.

30MAY22 Big Dipper Bottom Bucket Luminaries ~ Both Consciousnesses ~Stars M2U01487

I catch both of the bottom bucket Stars of the Big Dipper, named Merak & Dubhe. The latter is brief, but I get it…😁😁😁!!!

30MAY22 Luminary ~ Brilliant Blue, Southwestern Sky from South Central Oklahoma M2U01488

I pick up a gorgeous Blue Luminary on the Southern Horizon from my location in South Central Okie Land.

30MAY22 Luminaries South of Oklahoma M2U01489

30MAY22 Luminary Overhead in Okie Land M2U01490

Caught this Luminary (Star) nearly straight above my head here in Okie Land…😁😁😁

30MAY22 Luminary Western Skyline Clothes Pins Flipping Me Off HAHA M2U01491

Luminary on my Western Skyline just above my tree line. My clothes pins shoot me THE FINGER!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

5JUN22 Luna (Moon) Peek In 1 M2U01493

I don’t get the FULL CIRCLE of Luna on this video as the Twilight is still too bright at this time. HOWEVER, I get the circle at the end of the NEXT VIDEO… 😁😁😁

5JUN22 Luna (Moon) Peek In 2 M2U01494

Part 2 here finally catching Luna’s Full Circle towards the end of the video. PAUSE IT, FAMILY, AND LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! ALL OF HER IS THERE!!! SHE IS HER OWN LIGHT SOURCE!!! Not

12JUN22 2115 Hours Luna & Star CloseUps M2U01497

Close Up shots of Luna showing her edge colors as she’s a projection into our Realm. And a Zoom In on a Star beneath Luna in the sky.

7JULY22 1600 Hours ~ Sun & Luna (Moon) in the West & East Skies SAME TIME 😁😁😁 M2U01509

Here’s a simple video to SHOW you (others) that Sun & Moon are inside the Earth Dome. And they are about equal sizes. Watching the video, ask yourself with what we’re taught, how is it possible that Sun is NOT LIGHTING UP ALL OF LUNA (MOON)? I mean, that makes ZERO SENSE in a Globe Earth Model!!! ZERO SENSE!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

8JULY22 1930-ish hours South Central Oklahoma M2U01510

Cloud cover cut my evening Sun Bathing/Gazing short, but I shot a video of the Beauty AND a chemtrail plane CAME OUT of the Cloud Cover. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! HAHAHA!!!

4JULY2021 Our Sparkler Bomb was a DUD!!! DAMNIT!!! Still cool looking. M2U01292

My Sun, Roy, made this last 4th of July (2021). Normally, it blows up like a bomb. However, we didn’t get the duct tape TIGHT ENOUGH!!! DAMNIT, HAHAHA!!! STILL FUN!!!

~~~THE END~~~ (for now anyways, HAHAHA!!!)





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