Quantum Grammar…There’s only a handful of humans on Earth that KNOW what this is and HOW to use it! So let’s have a “looksee” at the PROGRAM (get it?) called Babbel (i.e.. babble, get it?). [They] LOVE F’ing with us on Wordplay!!!
Babble Definition ~bab•ble băb′əl
*intransitive verb – To utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds.
*intransitive verb – To talk foolishly or idly; chatter.
*intransitive verb – To make a continuous low, murmuring sound, as flowing water.
~More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. Now, do you “think” this is all just coincidence? LMFAO!!!
#TruthStrangerThanFiction #WeBabbleAndSayNOTHING

*NOTE: We are “tricked” into creating our own negative realities with SPELLING!!!

The Christian Bible is 100% allegory/parable and when one realizes this truth it becomes much more clear. The Biblical Story: The Tower of Babel didn’t really happen.
In the Sumerian Version, Enlil was gone to Nibiru for a time. While he was away, Enki taught Mankind “forbidden knowledge” and crafting of tools/weaponry. Enki assisted Mankind by bringing forth knowledge, assisting with the building of the tower, and crafting of tools/weapons. In the Sumerian Texts, this tower feels like it’s a Mystery School and Spiritual Center. At least that’s the feel I got from it. Something to do with Spirit.
Upon Enlil’s return, he was FURIOUS at what the humans had done. First he destroyed the tower while he is reckoned to have considered the humans were themselves reaching towards Higher Consciousness. He even mentioned his fear of humans and they would be MUCH MORE POWERFUL than the Annunaki themselves. And this greatly troubled Enlil for he didn’t care much for humans. Always having sex loudly in the Garden and such.
In Enlil’s anger it’s said that he split all the humans up into separate “tribes” and gave each tribe their own language so they couldn’t communicate across “tribal affiliations” without stringent difficulty.
Enki it claimed had secretly gave humans genetic upgrades without Enlil’s knowledge and taught them a secret language so the “gods” couldn’t innerstand what “The People” were talking about. This is also the origin of President Trump’s COVFEFE tweet that went 🦇💩😜!!! Before the last cataclysm on Earth, “The People” had gotten the information that the cataclysm was coming and when. So the word “covfefe” literally meant and STILL MEANS “In the end we win!”
In the Sumerian flood story Thoth (Ziudsura), with help from Enki and Higher Density Light Beings, who helped Thoth, who is called Ziudsura (read about here Eridu Genesis – Ancient History Encyclopedia).
That’s the gist to bridge this comparison of the similar stories of the Sumerian Texts and the Christian Bible.
Sumerian Flood Story cliff notes.

Aligned with the Sumerian Flood Story is the Christian Bible version as follows:

When one considers the UNDENIABLE similarities it just cannot be scoffed at and forgotten that All Ancient Writings align very well across Continents, Cultures, and Ages!
Being that the Christian Bible is well known (by many) to be allegory it makes logical sense that due to similarities the Sumerian Texts contain ample allegory/parable as well.
The Christian Bible reads like this: The Old Testament which portrays the jealous, prideful, pissed off, evil god is allegory for the Left Brain Ego (electricity). All the stories are WARNINGS to us if we allow our EGO to CONTROL OUR DECISIONS! The god of the New Testament is allegory for the Right Brain (Magnetism) Love/Compassion/Forgiveness ALL THAT’S DIVINE!!!
So, in the Sumerian version Enlil is the Old Testament while Enki is the New Testament. Now, some of these allegories/parables could be loosely based on past events at least to some degree. But, all in all, both works are most likely allegory/parable formats.

Here’s another example of how [they] mock our ignorance. Do you get the Dark humor? We’re so ignorant we PAY [THEM] to teach us how to BABBLE IN ANY LANGUAGE!!! It’s actually funny when you consider it! LMFAO!!!


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  1. I knew something was sketchy about language, but did not know what. I knew that language and humanities use of verbal communication was a BIG problem in that it causes one to label absolutely EVERYTHING! Hear ANY word in one’s language and an image comes to mind immediately. Programming at its finest! I ABSOLUTELY get the dark humor and wit! I mean, Im ALL about dark humor! lol, of course I innerstand how it comes so naturally to me! All of that being said…can We even say “history” (his story) even occurred?! I mean, all we have is the physical evidence! Whoops! No! We dont! Because the physical world does NOT exist! So, how do I even know that this isnt my first and ONLY time to experience ANY of this?! #MindScrambled

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