If your mind is still functioning solely in the third dimension then this will be TOUGH to grasp. However, if you’ve REALIZED the REAL LIES with REAL EYES? THEN YOU’LL “GET IT”!!! Open your mind and INNERSTAND what society TAUGHT (programmed) US ALL IS MIND CONTROL!
Expand your HORIZONS going from “beLIEfs” to GNOSIS!!!

***This pic is a screenshot from Stargate SG-1 Series. Goa’uld Mother ET that produces the ET Larva used for “droning” Mankind!

Here’s an artistic rendition of what the larva look like in physical form.

Now it’s time to challenge your mind from SOCIALLY ENGINEERED programming of society! Absorb this information and ask yourself if what you have been TOLD is reality? May be BOVINE FECES!!!
Donald Marshall’s words will RING IN YOUR BEING!!!

Consider these ET Lizards have the ability to inject their consciousness into the Eye (usually left) of those who VOLUNTEERED? YES VOLUNTEERED!!!
In the following pics imagine the “worm” going into the eye is actually the proboscis (nose type organ) that injects the ET’s Consciousness. And eventually the Soul of the human is PUSHED OUT OF THE VESSEL!!!


Now take you another look at the “Black Eye Club.” GNOSIS RISING!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


You are likely battling Agent Smith in your own mind, COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!!! I feel for you! I have faced that reality myself and it’s a TOUGH SLEDDING!!! Beating all [their] lies is SLAYING THE DRAGON! AS YOU’LL SILENCE THE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN EGO!!!

One last thing to close this out. The “Ring” that many “elites” wear are Frequency Generators to “masks” their reptilian expression. It generates a frequency that TRICKS your mind into NOT SEEING the reptilian expression. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT SHAPESHIFTING REALLY IS!!! BOOYAH!!!


*Rise and claim your BIRTHRIGHT!

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!


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