ALL MUSIC HAS SOURCE MESSAGES WITHIN!!! Whether the artists knew or not!!! ~Stairway To Heaven~ Led Zeppelin!!!

I’ve been delving into music and translations of it for several months now. I AM perplexed by the sheer amount of Divinity in music that more Mankind doesn’t INNERSTAND what’s being relayed to them! However, mind control is SO SO SO POWERFUL that my question is answered quickly about “How can Mankind NOT see the TRUTHS?” Duh!!! Mind Control!!! LMFAO!!!

Image result for led zeppelin stairway to heaven
Image result for led zeppelin stairway to heaven
The next two slides will be excerpts from the song with my breakdown on how I innerstand each one and the Power they possess!

This meaning is extremely deep and may take a bit of personal contemplation to fully grasp its majesty! I encourage ALL to meditate on the information I share. WE ARE ONE and I appreciate the feedback and additions to the work I share. I DON’T CARE A LICK WHO GETS CREDIT! THE GREAT AWAKENING IS ALL THAT MATTERS “RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT” ON THE EARTH PLANE!!!
With that point made I will begin to unpack what seems maybe innocuous to the average Mankind.
When you hear anything to do with East/West Gates in movies, other media, and especially RELIGIONS it’s important to INNERSTAND what is being referred to fam. STARGATES!!! That’s right fam…STARGATES!!!
I will expand based on my own innerstandings and experiences.
The lyrics state basically when he looks to the West his Spirit is crying for leaving. Right? Here’s why: In the West Gate World (West World, get it?) there are Mankind we don’t KNOW about. Why not? BECAUSE WE’VE ALL LIVED IN THE WEST WORLD BEFORE! AND IF YOU’RE READING THESE WORDS? YOU BROKE FREE FROM WEST WORLD AND ARE IN EAST WORLD!!! That is why his Spirit is CRYING! BECAUSE IT KNOWS THE HORRORS IT LEFT BEHIND IN WEST WORLD!!! AND HIS SOUL ACHES FROM “KNOWING”!!! Innerstand?
This information blends in with “The Harvest” discussed in the Bible and ALL Ancient Writings, especially the “Ra Material: Law Of One”. Harvest IS NOT something like ET’s coming down here and taking Mankind from Earth Plane. Harvest is Source/God/Creator HARVESTING THE MINDS of those of us who are READY TO ASCEND to Higher States of Consciousness!!! Not that ignorant rapture BOVINE FECES!!! Which the rapture crap has one purpose…KEEP YOU IN FEAR!!!
In the Energetics of YOU what this means is if your vibration is High enough then Source SEALS your Soul for passage through the EAST GATE (STARGATE)! And if your vibration isn’t quite that High? Then you are Sealed by Source to pass through the West Gate (Stargate). It just means you have more Spiritual development work so that you can gain entrance BACK into the EAST by DOING THE WORK TO KNOW THYSELF!!! Keep in mind that Souls could have, in linear time, MILLIONS or BILLIONS of linear years experience over others. This is why you’re currently seeing such a GAP between those who KNOW? And those who DO NOT know truths of WE THE PEOPLE!!! It will work itself out, I PROMISE!!!
There is also a 3rd option here that I do NOT talk about much at all. Why do I not talk about this? Because it “could” draw down the minds of those who are struggling to find that Love Vibration that EVERYBODY is in search of whether they realize it or not. is what we all are seeking!!!
There are many on Earth Plane that will REPEAT 3rd Density on another Plane similar to Earth Plane. Don’t be sad for them! They are following their own Soul’s Journey. And it could be VERY different than yours. Give the Love and Compassion as they continue their Journey of Spirit into the UNKNOWN!!!

This will be the last slide for this article or it’ll be a NOVEL!!! haha!
“Two paths” by now should be the *DING*DING*DING* that puts your mind into motion of the Right Hand and Left Hand Paths of life. This is DUALITY IN 3D AT ITS FINEST!!! LMFAO!!!
The Dark and Light are BOTH welcome in our Divine Light Matrix as the Darkness’s ONLY function is to SERVE THE LIGHT!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! SERVE THE LIGHT!!!
Saying there’s still time to change the road you’re on is also a TRUTH of Creation. At ANYTIME during your incarnation you can be the Dark or the Light! Day to day…moment to moment! And to Ascend in the Positive? One only need reach 51% SERVICE TO OTHERS! And the other 49%? WHATEVER!!! However, keep in mind, that stepping on the FREE WILL of others? Starts the WHEEL OF KARMA in motion! KARMA IS MORE REAL THAN THE NOSE ON YOUR FACE…WHICH IS HOLOGRAPHIC!!! LMFAO!!!

This graphic is PERFECT for what I AM about to share. Every Soul on Earth is here for many reasons. Ultimately, Soul Development/Advancement is the GOAL OF ALL!
This Earth Game is known as “THE CHOICE” throughout Creation and is the TOUGHEST of the Spirit Schools which are infinite throughout Creation!
“So, Bill, what are the CHOICES we’re here to make?”
Glad you asked!!! LMFAO!!!
Here on Spiritual Training Center Earth/Gaia/Terra there are 2 choices to make and a 3rd choice made for those who DO NOT make choice 1 or 2! HAHA!!! But the Soul involved makes ALL OF ITS OWN DECISIONS!!! *important!!!
Choice 1: Align with and follow the Right Hand Path of the Light. Right Brain.
Choice 2: Align with and follow the Left Hand Path of the Darkness. Left Brain.
Choice 3: Many on Earth Plane are in this category. But…really it’s NOT sad as those Souls have CHOSEN their paths LONG before incarnating in this Earth Game. So what happens to Choice 3 Mankind?
These Souls are recycled into ANOTHER DIFFERENT 3D Earth-like game on a different Plane of Existence (planets DO NOT exist). This will follow the death of their avatar in this Earth Realm/Game. They will then incarnate on a different Plane as a newborn to continue their Spirit Journey. And, just like a game, their Spiritual Development will pick right back up where they left off in their previous incarnation. COOL SHIZNIT FOR SURE!!!
Just like a video game their last “way point” achieved will be their BEGINNING place at their next incarnation! And who chose that path? THE SOUL CHOSE IT FAM AS FREE WILL HAS UNIMAGINEABLE POWER AS THE FIRST DISTORTION TO THE “LAW OF ONE!” I know this will sound a bit crazy BUT nothing happens to ANY SOUL unless that Soul AGREES TO IT! 100% OF THE TIME WITHOUT FAIL!!! THAT IS HOW HUGELY BIGLY GINORMOUS FREE WILL IS AT THE BEHEST OF SOURCE!!! For Source to KNOW ITSELF through the Free Will Choices of all WE THE FRACTALS is Beautiful and Organically MAJESTIC!!!

“May your Spirit Awaken to the Magick of Creation happening all around you!”

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

2 thoughts on “ALL MUSIC HAS SOURCE MESSAGES WITHIN!!! Whether the artists knew or not!!! ~Stairway To Heaven~ Led Zeppelin!!!”

  1. Absolutely.🎯 Music is powerful. Depending where you are on your journey you will interpret/understand/feel music differently. I’ve heard stairway to heaven an infinite amount of times. It’s a classic a MASTERPIECE. Everyone (most) knows this even if they don’t know it yet. It’s a masterpiece.
    I seriously heard this song not a week ago and thought to myself “I wonder what this song really means” and preceded to sing along with it as always. And here you are. πŸ“βœ¨
    There’s reasons why some songs/music makes you want to dance, sing, cry, laugh, imagine, ponder, tremble etc etc.
    Would it be irrational to say that music is what really rattled me into diving into my awakening. Late Nov of 2019 I was ingulfed into a band/musician that I listen to when I was young but wasn’t really “in it” just following the flow of new music.
    Fast forward to Nov 19′.
    Like a lighting bolt I connected with this person. Understood everything. Felt such a immense tie that’s still not discribable in words. And still not all known to me.
    I see/imagine events that make my whole body turn to numbness a feeling that I can NEVER get enough of. A electricity that’s indescribable really.
    Mind you this person is gone. I never met him. He passed many years ago.

    Moral of this story I’m speaking.

    MUSIC IS POWERFUL. And I realize that now more than ever. Music kick started my awakening journey only months later would I find you and so Soooooo much more.
    Beautiful post here Billy. You bring much peace and light and love to my self.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ❀️…i can’t even explain your description of the feeling when you make the connections … at first it feels so good it is uncomfortable!!!… ❀️
    In father’s house there are many mansions (perceptions) , If it were not so I would have told you… (I would have said “what you see is what you get”… but he didn’t say that. Lol, I really love the Christ.

    Liked by 1 person

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