Google Drive articles by :Billy-Don:Asbery Awakening the Spirit Within Your SelfπŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ˜‡

Articles are all in Alphabetical Order.


2- ***369 Spirit Magick

3- ***Airships Pre-Civil War

4- ***Ancient Giant Tree Stump Devils Tower

5- ***Ancient Giant Trees Evidence

6- ***Ancient Giant Trees

7- ***Ancient Giant Trees (2)

8- ***Ancient Trees Bolivia Salt Flats

9- ***Beast System How To-Maritime Admiralty Law

10- ***Beast System-Breaking Free

11- ***Beast System-Code Of Blue Silence

12- ***Beast System-How They Did It

13- ***Beautiful Pics All Over World

14- ***Beautiful Pics Ancient Giants

15- ***Beautiful Pics Aspella Rose France

16- ***Beautiful Pics Crop Circles

17- ***Big Tobacco Truths

18- ***Black Line Over Moon

19- ***Consciousness Energy

20- ***Copy of Stephen Hawking Truths

21- ***Dark Web Browsing Info

22- ***Darkness – What If

23- ***Dominion Voting

24- ***Earth Plane Evidence

25- ***Earth Plane Realization

26- ***Education 101 on the word GOD

27- ***Enjoy The Show Part 1

28- ***Enjoy The Show Part 2

29- ***Eyes REAL Function

30- ***Great Wall of China TRUTH

31- ***Heliocentric Lie Evidence

32- ***Heliocentric LIES Evidence

33- ***History of Emerald Tablets of Thoth

34- ***JFK And The Plan To Save Earth

35- ***JonasWolf1 M2U01221 (1)

36- ***Kundalini A Brief

37- ***Lawyers Attorneys UNLAWFUL

38- ***Majestic Messages of Disclosure


40- ***Message For Sovereignty99

41- ***Mind Control Programming Evidence

42- ***Music Gnosis What I Am Edie

43- ***NASA_Lies_Lies_Lies

44- ***OKC Booming Stopped 2 Things

45- ***OKC PART 1

46- ***OKC PART 2

47- ***Parasites_Mammals_HELLO

48- ***Patience Dark to Light

49- ***Personal Story Doha DEW Attack

50- ***PLAGAMO Evidence

51- ***POTUS Code Talk to ANONS

52- ***Q-Anon-The-Storm-V-1-Q

53- ***Reality Between Two Mankind Witnessing An Event

54- ***Space_Force_Emblem_Changes

55- ***Star Craft Consciousness You Decide

56- ***Stephen Hawking Truths

57- ***Tartarian Empire Evidence

58- ***The Halls of Amenti-Thoth

59- ***The-Terra-Papers

60- ***Truth In TV MIB

61- ***Truth In TV Social Engineering

62- ***Truth in TV The Orville Two Kellys Episode

63- ***Truth in TV-Avatar

64- ***Truths In TV A Tribute They Live

65- ***Truths Of YOU

66- ***Two Constitutions Part 1

67- ***Two Constitutions Part 2

68- ***Two Constitutions (rtf format)

69- ***Vatican Darkness

70- ***Version 2 – Majestic Messages of Disclosure

71- ***WHAT IFS to Awaken Gnosis

72- ***Who Judges You at Incarnation End-YOU

73- ***WW2 Truths-We Lost to Nazis

Calendar Date – 25JULY2022 @ 1539 Hours

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

2 thoughts on “Google Drive articles by :Billy-Don:Asbery Awakening the Spirit Within Your SelfπŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ˜‡”

  1. All My Heart And Soul Love DEAD I Can’t Sleep Cry 24/7 You Don’t Care Never Did Never Spent Time With Me A Man Doesn’t Do that we go way deeper I’m not stupid i know what we are You destroyed me


    1. In your world there are no others but YOU and your projections of YOUR Experience. Only beLIEfs that have been programmed into your mind by society makes you beLIEve there are THINGS outside of You.


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