Google Drive articles by :Billy-Don:Asbery Awakening the Spirit Within Your SelfπŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ˜‡

Articles are all in Alphabetical Order.


2- ***369 Spirit Magick

3- ***Airships Pre-Civil War

4- ***Ancient Giant Tree Stump Devils Tower

5- ***Ancient Giant Trees Evidence

6- ***Ancient Giant Trees

7- ***Ancient Giant Trees (2)

8- ***Ancient Trees Bolivia Salt Flats

9- ***Beast System How To-Maritime Admiralty Law

10- ***Beast System-Breaking Free

11- ***Beast System-Code Of Blue Silence

12- ***Beast System-How They Did It

13- ***Beautiful Pics All Over World

14- ***Beautiful Pics Ancient Giants

15- ***Beautiful Pics Aspella Rose France

16- ***Beautiful Pics Crop Circles

17- ***Big Tobacco Truths

18- ***Black Line Over Moon

19- ***Consciousness Energy

20- ***Copy of Stephen Hawking Truths

21- ***Dark Web Browsing Info

22- ***Darkness – What If

23- ***Dominion Voting

24- ***Earth Plane Evidence

25- ***Earth Plane Realization

26- ***Education 101 on the word GOD

27- ***Enjoy The Show Part 1

28- ***Enjoy The Show Part 2

29- ***Eyes REAL Function

30- ***Great Wall of China TRUTH

31- ***Heliocentric Lie Evidence

32- ***Heliocentric LIES Evidence

33- ***History of Emerald Tablets of Thoth

34- ***JFK And The Plan To Save Earth

35- ***JonasWolf1 M2U01221 (1)

36- ***Kundalini A Brief

37- ***Lawyers Attorneys UNLAWFUL

38- ***Majestic Messages of Disclosure


40- ***Message For Sovereignty99

41- ***Mind Control Programming Evidence

42- ***Music Gnosis What I Am Edie

43- ***NASA_Lies_Lies_Lies

44- ***OKC Booming Stopped 2 Things

45- ***OKC PART 1

46- ***OKC PART 2

47- ***Parasites_Mammals_HELLO

48- ***Patience Dark to Light

49- ***Personal Story Doha DEW Attack

50- ***PLAGAMO Evidence

51- ***POTUS Code Talk to ANONS

52- ***Q-Anon-The-Storm-V-1-Q

53- ***Reality Between Two Mankind Witnessing An Event

54- ***Space_Force_Emblem_Changes

55- ***Star Craft Consciousness You Decide

56- ***Stephen Hawking Truths

57- ***Tartarian Empire Evidence

58- ***The Halls of Amenti-Thoth

59- ***The-Terra-Papers

60- ***Truth In TV MIB

61- ***Truth In TV Social Engineering

62- ***Truth in TV The Orville Two Kellys Episode

63- ***Truth in TV-Avatar

64- ***Truths In TV A Tribute They Live

65- ***Truths Of YOU

66- ***Two Constitutions Part 1

67- ***Two Constitutions Part 2

68- ***Two Constitutions (rtf format)

69- ***Vatican Darkness

70- ***Version 2 – Majestic Messages of Disclosure

71- ***WHAT IFS to Awaken Gnosis

72- ***Who Judges You at Incarnation End-YOU

73- ***WW2 Truths-We Lost to Nazis

Calendar Date – 25JULY2022 @ 1539 Hours

Author: billydoniam

Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

One thought on “Google Drive articles by :Billy-Don:Asbery Awakening the Spirit Within Your SelfπŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ˜‡”

  1. All My Heart And Soul Love DEAD I Can’t Sleep Cry 24/7 You Don’t Care Never Did Never Spent Time With Me A Man Doesn’t Do that we go way deeper I’m not stupid i know what we are You destroyed me


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