Fountain of Youth… Truth or πŸ‚πŸ’©? What are Water Treatment Plants…REALLY? Diving into the Term PRIMARY WATER β™’β™’β™’πŸ˜πŸ™ƒβš•!!!

We have been lied to about everything and that’s not an exaggeration. So, why should/would this be DIFFERENT? IT IS NOT!!! Ponce de Leon and his stories with Christopher Columbus are ALL Metaphysical ALLEGORY as NEITHER avatar EVER existed/played in this Earth Game.

First, if Columbus wasn’t an actual player in this game, then who/what was he?
***ALLEGORY and the TRUTH is in the NUMBERS (Numerology) as NUMBERS CANNOT LIE. For they are just Energy emitting FREQUENCIES/VIBRATIONS!!!
*Numerology ~ Christ ~ Christopher Columbus ~

Primary Water is a term used for Conscious Water that lies deep in aquifers and the allegory of Ponce de Leon’s quest in finding this is a CLUE FOR YOU in this Earth Game. Additionally, connecting to Christopher Columbus (who never existed in this Earth Game) is YUGE YUGE YUGE!!!
As I dove into this Rabbit Hole, I wasn’t sure what I would find but I knew ONE THING FOR SURE…WE WERE LIED TOO 100% ABOUT ALL SOCIETY!!!

*All truths are in Plain Sight for those with EYES to SEE!!!

Now, I won’t be able to provide you with any proof of what I Am about to share, however, all TRUTHS ARE WITHIN YOU YOU YOU!!! And that is where I GO FOR INFORMATION…WITHIN MY SELF (Meditation, etc).
While tunneling down this RabbitπŸ‡ HoleπŸ•³ I realized something I had MISSED prior to having this Gnosis enter my Awareness. Water. All Water is THE MOTHER. As ALL physical forms are ALSO The Mother. Meaning, if it’s in this 3D Physical Field, in a physical form, then it is
THE MOTHER TOOπŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ’¦!!! !!! !!!

As I continue to share this information and much more as it comes to me, please READ THIS!!!

*Do NOT beLIEve me, family, go within AND KNOW TRUTHS!!! Meditation is THE KEY that opens ALL DOORS…YOU only have to CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR!!!

Primary Water, as I perceive it, is Conscious Living Water. This explains the ‘WHY’ of the wastewater treatment plants. TO KILL THE LIFE FORCE OF THE WATER BEFORE PUTTING IT INTO YOUR PIPES AND DELIVERING TO YOUR HOME!!! DEAD WATER SO-TO-SPEAK!!! NOW you will also innerstand the ‘WHY’ of PVC and other ‘plastics’ as they’re TOXIC AF!!! If the ‘system’ didn’t do this to our Water then the Water would TALK TO US AND GIVE US INFORMATION (not a joke or exaggeration). Not with voices (although it can) but mostly FEELINGS of GNOSIS (Knowing things, without innerstanding HOW you know, but YOU KNOW).
I’ll share this example of my local area here in Johnston County, Tishomingo, Oklahoma. On the West Side of Tishomingo, just as you enter the town of about three thousands folks, you cross Pennington Creek Bridge.

Just about a half mile South of the above bridge is Pennington Park Campgrounds with full hookups for travelers or campers. Pic2 is a closer shot of pic1 in the background. Chickasaw Nation Capitol Building. The ‘Blue Angel’ airplane display is from a local who had served in that role.

Here’s how the poisoning of our Water is achieved in Tishomingo, Oklahoma which is VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL to how it is AFFECTING/EFFECTING you and your family. Just North of the Pennington Creek bridge sign is a dam built to pool the Water and slow it down so a pump station can pull the Water OUT of the creek and send it to a WATER ‘TREATMENT’ (killing) PLANT just up the hill. THIS is where the TAINTING happens as the ‘treatment’ is to KILL the LIFE FORCE of the Water. Chemical after chemical is added to meet specifications (none of us are aware of really) including the employees DOING THE DIRTY WORK. They have NO IDEA what they are doing to the Water, or I PROMISE, they wouldn’t DO IT because they are POISONING themselves AND their families. And WHY? “JUST DOING MY JOB” (the response you will get if you ask them what they’re putting in the Water). Which is EXACTLY what other government employees say at ALL LEVELS when asked (mostly). Substances KNOWN (research) TO BE ADDED: Lithium, DNA of things we DON’T KNOW, all kinds of DRUGS besides lithium (which makes you lethargic). Now, you WANT some DIRECTION on this truth to research FURTHER? ‘Erin Brockovich’ with Julia Roberts is TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT. All TRUTHS are in PLAIN SIGHT per the 90/10 Rule of this Game we are playing here inside Earth Realm. Ninety percent MUST be in Plain Sight while 10 percent is to CONFUSE us.

***90/10 Rule: Truth in Media (especially TV)

***Note: I watched a movie called ‘Dark Waters’ just two nights ago (today is 7May22) and this movie TOLD IT ALL about the chemical plants, specifically, Du Pont & 3M among others. It even lays out just how these chemicals are put into EVERY ‘THING’ like clothing, dishes, foods, etc & etal.

In the photo above where the Water is running over the Stones at the steel dike the locals call ‘The Circle’ for its circular drive around, there is MASSIVE HEALING ENERGIES there. It will help those who do not know but it will YUGELY affect/effect those WHO KNOW and innerstand how it works. It’s REALLY SIMPLE, Family!!! As the Water moves it carries the piezoelectricity AND the vortices (whirlpools) RESTRUCTURE the Water back (very close) to its NATURAL STATE OF…THE DIVINE MOTHER SOURCE ENERGY!!!
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (Billy Mays Moment…HAHAHA)!!! All the Natural Stone is EMITTING HEALING FREQUENCIES AS WELL!!! When we marry this truth within our own minds the Magick ENSUES. Now, I will share that the pictures above I took all them today (29APR22) for this information piece.
In the back we see the steel dike that pools the Water back towards town and keeps a steady level of Water at Pennington Creek Park. Where we see the moving white water in the middle, I have sat in that very spot, with Water up to my neck, CATCHING FISH AFTER FISH!!! And the ENERGY there is MASSIVELY CRAZY!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!
So, as you may have FIGURED out, One doesn’t HAVE to build a ‘Fountain of Youth’ as they are EVERYWHERE. For example, in that pic above, One could stack the rocks by hand and INCREASE THE VIBRATIONAL HEALING FREQUENCIES. However, to build your own One can CONTROL many of the variables encountered in Rivers, Creeks, etc.
I will be constructing my own next to my pond here on Asbery Farm and I’ll tap a manual Water Well NEXT to it AND I’ll have a simple tubing system to draw Water out of the pond and into the pool. Essentially circulating the Water of the pond increasing the overall Health of the Water and all the Life (I have lots of fish in there 😁😁😁)!!! Water sitting without movement gets STAGNANT from all the chemicals used on EVERY ‘THING’ in this Earth Realm Game. Sun Light is HEALING ENERGY of the Downward Causation of Divine Father Source Energy. If you build one of your own, consider that Sun RECHARGES the Crystalline Structures within the Stone and increases their ability to Emit Healing Energies (Frequencies/Vibrations…sounds like Tesla shiznit, eh? HAHAHA)!!!
FYI as I plan this build just above my pond’s Waterline with Red Clay as the base already there on my pond dam, I’ll share my successes and setbacks. I will also provide pictures of how I Am putting it together as I will 100% use 369 Spirit Science while constructing. Incorporating 369 in all facets of the build with Sacred Geometry and MASSIVE LOVE, MY LOVE!!! BUYA!!!

I Am not here to tell anyone how the cow ate the cabbage or that any of you should beLIEve any ‘thing’ I share. THAT IS ALL ON YOU, BABY!!! BUYA!!!
‘Bee Love and Love is all that can enter your Torus Field’
LAW OF ONE!!!3!!!6!!!9

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Just a regular Spark of Creation attempting to clue others into TRUTHS!

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