☆°~The Sacred Oil~Christ~Chrism°☆

Hidden for many Cycles in this Earth Game, and many have gone to great lengths to keep this hidden in order to prevent us from realizing our True Self and the true power we have within.
There is an internal salvation and an external salvation. The internal is done through an oil or substance also known as a frequency, called “Christos/Christ/Chrism Oil” (“Have you got oil in your lamp? Haha).
The internal salvation is through the saving of the “seed – the frequency – the word – Christ ~ Base of Spine ~ Kundalini ~ Divine Mother Magnetism ~ The Serpent Within is DIVINITY!!!” (⚕⚕⚕👈🏼Kundalini Rising)!!!
The Essenes (Druids/Druze) knew that the scriptures were about physical regeneration as well as about astrology which gives us an innerstanding of our path to enlightenment, Awareness of our Divinity. The Essenes realized and taught that Christ/Christos/Chrism was an oily substance contained within the spinal cord, and also taught that this sacred fluid is in the small thin layer of grey matter found in each of our cerebral hemisphere of our brain, just above our ears. When a child reaches the age of about 12, the claustrum (Santa Claus) produces an oily substance, what was and is considered to be a very sacred oil. In ancient Greece the oil was known as the Christ, the Christos, or Ichthus (fish symbol, Pisces, Age of Two Fish), because they said it was oily and had a fishy smell (to hide truth in plain sight, protect it). The two thin nerve layers are called “the claustrum” and when it flows down from the claustrum it separates and some goes to the pineal gland, and some goes to the pituitary gland. The pineal gland releases the masculine electrical portion of the substance known as DMT or “the honey” and the pituitary gland releases the feminine magnetic portion known as serotonin or “the milk.” “The land flowing with milk and honey.” The two secretions flow down from the two glands, down into the spine (the straight and narrow path – the 33 vertebrae, Jacob’s Ladder, Stairway To Heaven) through the semi-lunar ganglia and the solar plexus. Then the oily substance begins to rise or ASCEND back up the 33 vertebrae and crosses the Vagus (I HIT TRIPLE 7’s IN VEGAS, BABY! Innerstand?) Nerve. This nerve, called the 10th cranial nerve, there are 12 (Disciples, Apostles, etc. 😁), touches all the vital organs of the body. After it crosses the vagus nerve, it then enters the hypothalamus. Here the oily substance is mixed with serotonin from the pituitary and DMT from the pineal gland. It then sits for 3-1/2 days. The sacred oil is then transmuted into this new substance of “the Christ (Chrism Oil) within”, then arrives at the very top, the Crown where the third eye resides. Then it explodes into LIGHT, and pure consciousness and enlightenment are realized. The Christ fluid literally floods us with light. TRANSFORMING US INTO
This is a beautiful gift within us, but the Chrism Oil has been dormant. We are currently playing a holographic game within our Holographic Divine Light Matrix. Chrism Oil is a substance, Energy both Physical & Ethereal, within YOU. We were never taught any of this to keep us from realizing who we TRULY ARE – the embodiment of Source God Itself. If we want to experience this journey, it can take place thirteen times a year or rather once a month; every 27-1/2 days when the moon is in the sign of your zodiac. Important to fast and make sure our body is extremely alkaline, eat moderately, and exercise to maintain our alkaline body. NO LOW VIBRATION FOODS LIKE MEAT/DAIRY/BREADS!!!
Some people have an experience and others begin to experience more clarity, and many have already begun to experience this without really being aware. Your AWARENESS of this truth POWERFUL GNOSIS!!!3!!!6!!!9
This is the Sacred Spirit Science of the Kundalini~Mother~Magnetism~Rising as well as our 3rd Eye!!! SEAT OF GOD WITHIN!!!
Formless. Shapeless. Part of All Things. Attached to Nothing. Forever FLOWING on this Heroes Journey. “Be like water my friends.” ~ Bruce Lee

Gold ~ Holy Grail/Chalice
Orange ~ Vitruvian Man
Red ~ Ark Of The Covenant/Genie In The Bottle/Lamp

#TruthStrangerThanFiction #LightOfTheWorldYouAre

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